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Such a wonderful board game.

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In the 7 Wonders board game, each player represents one of the ancient civilization cities. Players compete by expanding their cities trough gathering natural resources, developing commercial relationships, science, and art divisions, investing in military power or building your own unique wonder. In this “race” players aim to develop civilization in a faster, more effective way than the others.

It is a solid, balanced game that hooks you fast. It earned its spot as one of the “Classic” board games and therefore we recommend to try it out if you did not have the opportunity before.

Despite the fact of being released roughly a decade ago – its popularity is very high and stable. We are breaking down the reasons for that as per our rating structure below.

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One of the main reasons 7 Wonders board game is great – as it immerses players pretty well due to its original and interesting theme of ancient civilizations. Players get to build legendary cities and buildings such as Babylon, Alexandria, Colossus of Rhodes, Ephesus, Greek pantheons and more.

People generally enjoy this game, you can see smiles and hear laughs. The main aspects of that are quality components, ease of play, mechanics efficiency, tactical richness, a friendly amount of competitiveness & conflict.

There are also a few reasons the score is not higher. The game mechanics are repetitive, some downtime is existent, especially with more players, plus, you can always take it too far with military conflicts to make some sad or angry faces around you. Finally, it is, after all, a simple and easy board game, once you try out all the tactics and civilizations, you want to try something new via getting expansions, etc. (we are probably talking around tens of hours of playtime before that happens).

Replay value

7 Wonders board game makes you addicted, you feel hooked, and craving for replays. Basically, every time you play it, you do not want to stop. I have lost the count of super long game nights, that left me sleep-deprived, duo to this game. But I would do this again, anytime. Just to play this great game with my folks. Currently, I play it combined with 7 Wonders Leaders & 7 Wonders Cities expansions. This is probably my favorite board game combo ever.

There are a few reasons why everybody loves 7 Wonders. The game provides a wide variety of easily understandable tactics and actions that actually make this game a perfect balance between easy & interesting. You never know how the game will turn and in most cases, you have the flexibility to differentiate your strategy. It also provides a reasonable amount of multitasking, allowing to play non-stop for an hour or two and not feel too tired. Finally, the rule-book is easy enough to understand so after a few game sessions, you will hardly need it anymore.

The reason rating is not higher (ratings are disclosed at the bottom of the page) is that after numerous game nights, it starts being a bit repetitive, and players typically want to experience more variability and complexity in tactics & strategy. This is when you start considering adding expansions that I mentioned.

Art & parts

Crafty wonder boards look well, cards seem artistic and clear in terms of game-play. It really helps both – to immerse into the game and understand the game better.
The quality of components is well, though the card sleeves would be highly recommended, as cards are constantly rotated, therefore likely to go through many sticky, sweaty hands. The dimensions for the sleeves are 65 x 100mm. Buy 7 Wonders card sleeves on Amazon.

7 Wonders colorblindness review

Speaking about colorblindness, this game is quite difficult to play for players that have a color deficiency. It is due to the fact that many guilds, market cards refer have small icon signs that refer to resource cards that are really hard to distinct for some colorblindness cases. As a result, players come up with different solutions, i.e. sleeve the cards, and just stick some stickers with information about the symbols. Find more information on this here.

7 Wonders 2010 Colorblindness rating: Difficult to play (C)


7 The wonders board game is certainly worth the money it costs. This includes the components & the game value itself. 7 Wonder boards, 150 cards, a bunch of tokens – and the top tier game itself. This is pretty much for an average board game price. So worth it. I recommend it to everyone. You can check the current price of the game at the bottom of this review.

7 Wonders board game review
Best of the best
One of the best all-time board games. Hugely popular even now. From online platforms to hundreds of thousands of editions sold. 7 Wonders is the game that brought me to board gaming. Still playing it nowadays.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
Your rating5 Votes
Easy to learn, quick to play
Great with different player numbers
Balance between luck & strategy
Expansion make this game amazing
Playtime rises with more people
Be prepared to invest $ if you want the best experience

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