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Hey there! Call me Rimas (full name Rimantas). I am from Europe & I love board gaming! There is hardly a week in my life without board games, which I play with my family & friends. I cannot stop myself, it’s just too fun.

Here are some board games that are often on my tabletop: 7 Wonders, Dominion, Eldritch Horror, Pandemic, Codenames Pictures, Splendor, The Whitcher Adventure game, Dixit, Isla Dorada, Betrayal at house on the Hill, Saboteur, Game of Thrones 2nd edition, LOTR: journeys in Middle Earth, Alias.

A story about me & my side gig

Strategy games are probably my favorite ones. The first board game that I tried was Saboteur around 2009. Maybe this is the reason why friends keep telling me that sabotaging, damaging and harming is…well, my thing, HA, very funny guys.

I did play board games only occasionally, until 2016 when I tried 7 Wonders Board game. This became like a disease to me. I remember that in 2017 during Christmas my fiance & I spammed replays around 5-10 times daily… And I got to admit… This could never bore me.

So not long from then, in 2019 I had an idea of a side gig – Tabletop Info. I have always been a bit geeky, due to jobs in accounting & financial analysis fields. So I figured I want to combine my work experience & my hobby.

That’s how Tabletop Info came to life. I aim to create informative, useful & entertaining content about board games. From precise, unbiased board game reviews to casual blogging about any related topic. If you are interested, you can read more about how I review board games.

For now, I am a one man army working on it all and I love it.

Posting schedule

I post 1 quick review daily, 1 detailed review per week, and a few content pieces/week about anything related to board games.

So generally, you are likely to find new content every day. Feel free to check out Tabletop Info on social platforms, as I spread lots of different content over there:

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