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Dixit Odyssey board game 2011
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August 17, 2011
Card Game, Party, Family, Children
30 min.
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Get ready to get into one of the most popular, and one of the funniest all-time board games!

Dixit: Odyssey board game – an easy to play card/pictures based game for 3 to 12 players with an average playtime of 30 minutes. A party, family type game, literally fitting any group’s tabletop. Kids, adults, elderly.
Super easy game to start, learn, or explain to others. Spend all your time playing and nothing more. Well, maybe also eating those nachos.


To start with, let me summarize how the game is played. Or you can just scroll down to the review summary.

One player tells a word or a phrase about a single card in its hand (to describe it). The other players try to match the phrase by each selecting a card from their hands that fits the phrase indicated.

The phrase teller collects all the cards, shuffles them and places face up on the table, and the rest players must guess which the original storyteller’s card was! Based on their guessing, players score Victory point. Reach 30 points to win the game.

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Laughter. Only laughter. This game is so funny, seriously. Let me show you a few examples.

Dixit Odyssey (2011) gameplay example
Dixit Odyssey (2011) gameplay example

Now there was a guy who placed one of the 6 cards above with his “secret story phrase”, which was “Wants”. Guess which card was placed by the storyteller? Of course, the 6th one. The one that was not chosen by the rest 5 players.

That’s right. And all players did a really good job of matching the “Wants” phrase. To have such well-matched pictures, with so many people, and no one selecting the original picture – it was beyond unexpected or ridiculous. This was so hilarious that our group had to take a 15-minute break to get back on track and continue playing Dixit Odyssey.

Now let me tell you another example! There was another guy, who told something like that:

“I do not know if this is not too difficult. In order to guess this correctly, you will need to be extra cautious, and you will need to certainly know something in order to make a connection”

Then he said his phrase, which was a very stylish, fancy single word “Spongey”.

Now look at the cards below and tell me this is not funny.

Dixit Odyssey (2011)  gameplay example 2
Another Dixit Odyssey (2011) gameplay example

Someone actually did a good job of placing the number 4 card, which had at least some relation to the pirate.

If you do not recognize the card that is placed by the storyteller – you are a true little Spongebob! Now go watch Spongebob intro…

All right, enough of examples. The review!

Dixit Odyssey board game is super good. The reason it is good is that it is very simple & creative, that stimulates communication with your group, and has wonderful pictures!

Dixit Odyssey has a great game balance, providing anyone chances to win, even with no prior experience of the game. No conflict. You got to focus and think as well. Sometimes it is not that easy, especially, coming with good storyteller phrases!

Another great thing about the game is that it fits almost any group, based on group size. This edition allows playing with up to 12 players! That is so much! There are also different gameplay options that make Dixit Odyssey really playable even with 2-3 players or other custom options to make this game more challenging, intense and so on.

There are a few potential issues about fun & interest that are really minor ones.

First of all, there is some downtime if players do not come up with storyteller phrases on their turn. With more players, this becomes less relevant.

Also, playing with newly met people may also produce slightly weird gameplay, as you do not know how others think.

But to solve these issues, you can switch turns if someone needs more time to come up with storyteller’s phrase, and come back to that person afterward. And for the new people aspect, this is also what makes the Dixit Odyssey board game so interesting. We suggest taking this opportunity to get to know new people in a fun and entertaining way.

Replay value

I have been playing the Dixit Odyssey game with the same group of people a lot. And it is really fun every time! This game proves to be very satisfying during repeat gameplay. Despite being a very easy game, there is a good strategic feel to Dixit Odyssey. One of the main reasons for that – it offers lots of flexibility, as the storyteller has complete freedom on how to describe pictures.

This way Dixit Odyssey board game offers players basically a new/unique experience for every playthrough.

There are few negative things that limit the value of replay – and these are a limited number of pictures, and generally, the same mechanic/action that is done all the time.

In Dixit Odyssey, you are placing and choosing pictures, there is no variability in that. You are either guessing the pictures or thinking about phrases to tell as a storyteller once your turn comes.

Additionally, there are 84 image cars in the basic edition. This is not that much considering how many players are allowed to play the game. This forces you to look for expansions eventually.

But still, there are lots of card combinations possible, and playing the game with the same group of players multiple times seems rewarding enough. Until your memory contains an unforgettable hilariously funny memory for each picture of the base edition.

Then, you just cannot really think of any new phrases, instead, you just giggle seeing any such card, and everyone blames you for downtime, saying WTF weirdo!

Art & parts

Dixit Odyssey (2011) - some great looking cards
Dixit Odyssey (2011) – some great looking cards

The art of the cards is just great. Each and every card, present different meanings, symbols, objects, there are literally no limits to it. They are so beautiful, plus pictures are large-sized, so no trouble to the elderly.

The quality of the components is good. Starting from cards, they lack water resistance, as most cards do. I unintentionally spilled a full cup of hot tea right onto the cards & the board. Still managed to save all the cards, all of them are playable, just not perfect. But the scoring board remained perfect!

Probably lacks fire resistance as well! I did not test that. Maybe you did? ?

Though the scoreboard quality is great. The bunny figures are made of wood, which is super nice as well. Maybe they could be a little taller, larger, just a bit, especially for those large-handed ones. But you can always place bunnies upside down, onto their ears. And suddenly you got a new, an improved version of Dixit.

Dixit Odyssey board game – the ear standing bunny shitters! Fan-made game edition!

Colorblindness review

There are no major issues with colorblindness here. The art in the image cards is “weird enough” in terms of colors, colorblind players so far did not post any issues with the base image cards of the game. The only potential issue could be 12 colors of bunnies and voting tiles. Some of them share really similar colors. But you know, you can always choose a color you can discern. We give the rating of B (Playable) for colorblindness.

Colorblindness rating: B (Playable)

Please note that if you come across a different impression or experience about colorblindness, please report it to us here. We will update our information!


And finally, the price value vs what you get is fair enough. We did not mention that you get 12 large, strong voting tiles, in addition to the scoreboard and 85 cards, as well as 12 wooden bunny figures. You can buy Dixit Odyssey for an average board game price (we do not disclose it in text, as it changes too often). Feel free to check the price down below.

Dixit Odyssey board game review
Final remark
A hilarious, funny evening is guaranteed. Lots of beautiful pictures, weird imaginations, and endless giggling. One of my favorite family board games.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
Your rating4 Votes
Extremely fun
Fits almost any group
Surprisingly replayable
Stunning artwork
Downtime depending on players
May not be that smooth with newly met people

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