Last One Alive board game cover

Last One Alive – let’s get the zombie party started!

Fight zombies and force them onto your folks to be the last one standing.

Last One Alive board game cover
Release date
2020 Q4
Party, Horror, Dice rolling
15 min.
Ole Steiness
Ares Games

I admit I never get tired of a zombie apocalypse theme. Here is another board game just about that. Last One Alive – a quick & easy dice & strategy party game, where players try staying alive by avoiding & defending against hordes of zombies.

Do you know what is the best strategy to save your butt? To push your comrade down on the floor, and run for it, while the zombies enjoy their feast. This is pretty much the thing that you are going to do in this game.

Players are able to collect 4 different types of dice at the beginning of their turn. Zombie’ dice, you can roll them to generate more zombies to the next player, or onto yourself if you are not lucky. Everyone starts with 1 mandatory zombie dice.

Then there are barricades, shots & items’ dice. These provide you the means to stay alive. But they are fewer in quantity. Collect these types of dice if you want to play safer, or collect more zombie dice, if you want to be more aggressive.

Each player rolls 5 dice during its turn. At least 1 mandatory zombie dice is for everyone. If you are unlucky, you get more mandatory zombie dice’ that are increasing your potential for killing yourself. Once you have defended against the zombies that attacked you, the next player’s turn comes up. He must defend against the zombies you have rolled for him, as well as for the zombies he will roll himself (if any).

The game ends when only 1 person remains alive, and everyone else is dead. A super simple, fun filler game that is good for families, kids that are 13+ years old, parties. Very portable, a small box that is probably going to be a budget game.

Last One Alive board game is preliminary scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2020, by Ares Games.

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