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Crazy intense!

Ligretto card game 1988 newest edition
Release date
2018 (newest edition), 1988 (1st edition)
Card game, Family, Party, Dexterity
10 min.
Schmidt Spiele
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Do not be deceived by the release date, the game has not passed its’ brightest days, it is as popular as ever, due to the fact that well it is a pretty good card game. Please note that the game box used for the review is the latest 2018 green Ligretto card game edition.

We imagined we will be able to start this review with our “Creative” explanation of what Ligretto word means, but we were surprised to find out that even online dictionaries recognize the word as a direct relation to the board game. And that’s for every single translation site we checked… Now that’s what we would call a recognized presence.

Ligretto meaning

Game description

Some of you might know the old school game that is quite similar to this one – German Blitz. But this one is different, in fact, it would be difficult to relate to any other quick, number-based card games that we covered so far, but we think that this actually relates to Solitare.

Add additional players to the game, who each of them got separate decks, but there are limited card piles on the tabletop to get rid of your cards! So you watch all card piles and wait for the proper opportunities to shove your card before another player does that.

Ligretto card game – a 10-minute card game based on numbers & reflexes for 2 to 4 players. There are 3 different editions that have different colored decks (all other things the same). Combine those editions to increase max player count up to 12 people. In case you would need them you can buy Ligretto card game different editions down below.

Review details

As always, the review will be covered in the following structure:

  1. Fun
  2. Replay value
  3. Art & parts
  4. Game price

Feel free to read our full review below, or just scroll down to the review summary.


Forget fun or interest. There is more craziness in it that is THE FUEL for a fun night.

Just try to imagine that:

  • you have 4 card piles in front of you, as do all other players, that you need to get rid of them by placing them in a center, 1 by 1 card, to construct piles of numbers from 1 to 10. All players are doing so as well. You need to time the moment to be able to place your card on a center card pile, or someone else will take your place to dump a card.
  • But imagine that there are 20 card piles in a center, that are differently colored, all in the progress somewhere between 1-10. On top of that, you are constantly shuffling a card deck in your hand to reveal some random cards! All the players are doing so and try watching over one another to time those moments for card trash.

Trash it before others do or you will be…. The chosen one to get out the trash…

Seriously, this is so intense that those 10 minutes feel like a true workout. After an hour or so people tend to feel tired. This takes a lot of focus and reflexes. But that’s so funny, you got to try it out yourself.

Wrists turn and brake
Cards bend and fly
Gambit takes over the night

Image credit: TheBabman

They keep canceling my movie, so I play card games instead!

So why Ligretto card game is so fun?

  1. No downtime – “ZEHO” literally.
  2. Players are super involved
  3. No dissatisfaction during/after gameplay (well maybe a little cursing during gameplay!)
  4. Crazy funny

Replay value

Replaying Ligretto card game over and over is okay… We mean it is good enough. The game is quite intense as we mentioned that, so you would likely replay that a limited number of times per game night.

But still, the game is wonderful enough to want to get back to it from time to time, once you got it, you will never forget such a possession!

But there are people who would oppose if they are not the fands of fast-paced games. Plus – it is a repetitive game after all due to its simplicity.

Art & parts

The cards are all color-differentiated, the front and the back, so we should notify you that this game is not colorblind suitable.

The quality of cards is okay, they seem to be a little more elastic than usual that help to retain its form after encountering obstacles, as you will encounter plenty during this fast card shuffling and placement game. We would not recommend getting card sleeves as this may influence the comfort during gameplay. The cards’ get their fair share amount of “stress”, but they seem to be decent quality to withstand at least a few seasons of constant gameplay.

There is nothing great or bad in particular about the art of the game since it is not theme-specific, the content of cards is seen clearly and that’s mainly what matters for this game.

Ligretto card game colorblindness review

Please note that the images below only show the green box edition and its simulated views of 3 types of color deficiency.

Ligretto card game (1988) color deficiency views (100% – maximum color deficiency)

To start with, there are 4 different game editions that have different colors for the card backs, that was made with the purpose of connecting all editions to have gaming sessions with more players. As a result, there is a bunch of different colors back that we do not evaluate here.

And let us point out that it is a definite risk for colorblind players – as many of these backs share soft and light definition colors. Regarding the green box content – the back of the cards is ok even with maximum values for all types of color deficiency.

Now looking at the card fronts – there is a clear issue with the maximum values of colorblindness – yellow, green and red cards are often difficult to differentiate. Depending on the color deficiency type, there are always 2 colors that are super similar. There should not be an issue if the color deficiency diagnosis is partial/not that strong.

Ligretto card game colorblindness rating: Difficult to play (C)


Speaking about the price-value ratio of the Ligretto card game, it seems ok. Please note that prices change all the time, so we are not identifying the price here in the text, but for a standard small card game price, you get 160 cards with a standard cardboard box. That seems to be an acceptable deal.

Ligretto card game review
Final remark
Ligretto card game is super easy to play which is based on numbers & reflexes. If you are into such kind of games, it is super fun. I recommend it to everyone. The price is friendly as well.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
Your rating2 Votes
Crazy exciting game
Quick and short gameplay
Trains concentration, attention and reflexes
Super fast-paced game that is not for everyone
Adding more people to the play requires purchasing red and/or blue editions

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