Marvel Villainous: Infinite power – everything you need to know

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Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power
Release date
July 26, 2020
Strategy, Card game, Thematic
40-80 min.
Prospero Hall
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Marvel Villainous is an asymmetric card game for 2-4 players where everyone immerses themselves to become one of the legendary Marvel villains. Published by Ravensburger, it is a new Villainous board game version, of its predecessor Disney Villainous. The base game includes 5 iconic villains – Hela, Taskmaster, Killmonger, Ultron & Thanos.

Players draw cards from their unique villain decks to draw ally cards, items, or specialty cards. Collect power tokens to acquire the cards, to call the allies to fight for your cause. Use these cards to help you out or to battle your opponents.

But conquering the universe is not always that easy. There are the Avengers, who will try to stop you. They are represented by the Fate deck, which is drawn by the players if a particular action is selected. The funny part about it – you target your opponents with these cards – and these cards can be tremendously harmful. I bet you gonna feel like a real villain, pulling these awesomely ugly things to your folks!

Some of the cards that the Fate deck contains are Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Spiderman, Black Widow, and much more. The Fate deck also includes various events & effect cards. In some cases, you may be a victim of your own hand, as some of the cards affect all players. In the end, the winner is the player who fulfills his objective.

Marvel Villainous objectives

Thanos objective – Collect 6 infinity stones. Thanos does this by spawning Infinity Stones at the enemy Domains, sending his own allies to defeat opponents’ allies that carry the Stones, to claim the Stones for himself. With every stone collected, he becomes more powerful.

Hela’s objective – Collect the sum of 8 of the following items at the Odin’s Vault location: your allies summoned and Soul Mark tokens. You must collect at least 1 unit of each (I.e. 1/7 2/6 4/4 7/1).

Ultron’s objective: Upgrade yourself 3 times and reveal the Age of Ultron tile. The upgrades must be implemented in the following order: Transformation, Optimization, and, finally, the Ultimate. Each of the upgrades, as well as his Age of Ultron tile, requires certain costs in order to be revealed. With every upgrade, Ultron becomes more powerful as well.

Killmonger’s objective: to take control of the mines (tile) and reallocate 2 explosives to other players Domains. In order to take the control of the mines, he actually needs to implement three quests: to defeat Klaw (1), Challenge Black Panther for the throne (2), and take the actual control of the mines once the Black Panther is defeated (3).

Taskmaster’s objective: to have an ally of 5 Strength or higher in each of four locations of his Domain. Basically, as a Taskamters you are training your allies for them to grow in strength.

Once any player achieves his villain goal, the game immediately ends and the Villain whose objective is fulfilled wins the game.

The game also includes three difficulty levels, allowing you to choose how many unfortunate events you want to face. Unfortunately, there is no official solo variant. I would be very hopeful about Marvel Villainous expansions because there are tons of villains that people would love to see in the game. So we suggest you get ready for some insane Marvel villains action!


How to play Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power board game?

If you never played a Villainous board game, the official rules may look quite complicated at first. It was also definitely the case for me, so I decided to put up my Marvel Villainous How to play summary, which is a shorter version of detailed rules. Reading this is enough if you want to start playing the game. Plus, you can easily print it, and even laminate a few copies of this guide, it will perfectly fit your Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power game box (the dimensions of the guide are 26×26 centimeters.

What Villains contains Marvel Villainous board game?

The base game comes with 5 villains: Hela, Ultron, Taskmaster, Killmonger & Thanos.

Is Marvel Villainous board game an expansion of Disney Villainous?

No, it is a re-implementation (completely separate) Villainous board game. This one is about the villains of Marvel Universe.

Is Marvel Villainous game compatible with Disney Villainous?

Unfortunately no. It would be really fun if you could do this, but these are completely separate board games that have noticeable differences in terms of rules. You could definitely try it, but my suspicion is that there would be a severe lack of balance between the villains of two board games.

Marvel Villainous vs Disney Villainous – which game is better?

This is really a matter of preference, mostly due to thematic differences. On the other hand, there are some rule tweaks that were adjusted for the Marvel Villainous board game. For example, the maximum number of players has been reduced from 5 to 4, simply due to extensive playtime. So it could be said the designers have learned from their mistakes. But they have also decreased the number of Villains included in the base game, from 6 to 5, but the pricing has been kept pretty much the same.

What is Marvel Villainous game price?

The pricing of the Marvel Villainous board game is about about 30-40 USD, depending on your location (similar to Disney Villainous). Please note that the pricing may change, so feel free to check the current price of Marvel Villainous.

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