Munchkin Dungeon board game preview – cute exploration journey with lots of backstabbing

Epic, heartless Munchkins fighting for that fame.

Munchkin Dungeon board game 2020
Release date
2020 (3rd quarter)
Fantasy, Party
60-90 min.
CMON Limited

Hey, boys & girls! It is a dungeon time. Let us get inside and claim that loot, coin & fame. Who will defeat the final boss? Who will become the most famous Munchkin Dungeoneer?

Get ready for some fun, conflict heavy gameplay! 😀 Am I serious? Kinda. It is much like a traditional Munchkin, everyone is the enemy. Others will keep you from getting that loot & fame. Because, they are greedy, hungry, sneaky little Munchkins.

If you have the right group for the game, or you just love Munchkin board games, I got to say that this is the game for you. Very niche-specific type. If you do not tolerate high conflict levels, do not read further. Go on and check some cooperative board games.

So the Munchkin Dungeon is a board game, to be officially released by CMON, somewhere around the 3rd quarter of 2020. I am very much looking forward to this board game. Here are some reasons why.

Experience the munchkin-like fun in a true board game format

First of all, the parody-comedy like features, including art, miniatures & card names – they are such a contributor to the fun game-play feel. You can feel the original Munchkin theme, but also something new. An actual board game instead of a card game.

Munchkin Dungeon board game feels light & quite easy (I do base that from taking a look at the game rules), mainly, because the game itself is not complicated, the strategy options are quite easy, and there are lots of chance elements in play. It could be a little too easy for advanced gamers.

Muchkin Dungeon (2020) – Threat & loot cards, hero dashboard, coin & potion tokens.
Image credit: CMON

I would say that Munchkin Dungeon board game mostly fits the party & family tabletop, but I would be more careful with family, and consider how sensitive are the players in terms of conflict & harming mechanics.

What positives have I noticed so far

I still sense lots of Munchkin gameplay. You level up your characters, equip weapons & armors. There are 10 levels for each character. Leveling up provides differentiated bonuses. Also, each character has 2 unique abilities. But the winning condition is new. Players actually race onto fame track, to collect 20 fame. The fame can be collected in different ways, from fighting monsters to leveling up your character, and, of course, abusing your opponents.

I kinda like that once you die, you still respawn at the start of the dungeon, with all your stuff. This opens up great opportunities for new board gamers to start enjoying the show. And it seems to work as a limitation for that potentially negative toxicity. It could honestly just be more fun, hilarious giggles, and less anger towards your opponents.

Let me mention some of the cool game mechanics & effects!

here are some super cool card effects. Such as “I’m the boss” card that spawns the boss onto your room. And you must fight it, and not get any benefits in case there is a miracle and you win the fight. Or “Lame goblin” threat monster, which is super weak, but sometimes, that 1 additional sword sign enough to force you to lose the fight, and gain a shame token, because the lame goblin has defeated you :).

Another cool stuff is the player on your left. I would say that’s a person you are going to hate forever because he/she is doing all the rolls for the monsters you are fighting. And if the person is luckier thank you are, then you got to think of who/what are you going to blame. Tabletop? Dice? Or a cheater on your left?

I am very much looking forward to experience more of these hilarious game details.

So what is the initial feedback about Munchkin Dungeon board game?

I would say that the feedback is both positive and negative. There seem to be some issues with rulebook clarity, that creates initial downtime. Or a lack of a second dice set. But nothing really serious, besides pretty negative reviews of gamers’ who don’t enjoy Munchkin board games, or claims about the component, gameplay similarities to other CMON board games, such as Zombicide.

There are also a bunch of positive opinions. It is really fun weighting the decision of how deep into the dungeon you want to go during your turn. Basically, you weight the greed versus the risk. Reaching top levels can reward you well, but that will also result in many more threat tokens generated onto threat pool. This means that other players will smack you harder. What a joy to others.

P.S. I can already sense it – the joy of revenge. IT IS STILL THERE 😀

In addition to that, those miniatures are stunning. The art of the game is stunning. I do not need to get my own copy to notice that. The miniatures are beautiful, you can paint them if you want. What else do you want? Epic Munchkin art in 3D onto your tabletop. How cool is that?

Munchkin Dungeon (2020) – hero miniatures.
Image credit: CMON

From the colorblind players’ perspective, it seems to be a good production. Most of the components – the board, tokens, monsters & cards are easily distinguished by different signs, text & shapes. The only components that seem to be distinguished by color are fame trackers & a counter-bases that are attached to the player figures. Just make sure to select a color that you can distinguish, there are no problems at all.

Preliminary replay value

There are 7 different player classes (5 casual classes + 2 super Munchkins), containing unique special abilities & varying leveling-up bonuses. This really invites you to replay the game, to try different strategies. From cleric to warrior & thief. Let’s steal that loot from the others to maximize the “piss-of” degree.

Munchkin Dungeon (2020) – hero dashboards.

The dungeon is divided into differently leveled rooms: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 rooms, and the boss room. The higher the level of the room, the more challenging obstacles will occur, the more risky your fights will be, but the more rewards you will get in case of a successful room clear. Level 2 and level 3 rooms contain roaming monsters. They…roam 😀 And will try to get you no matter what.

The roaming monsters & boss monster is randomly selected to be included in the game. So basically, every game will have some variability in terms of monsters, roles & loot. Combining all of that, I would conclude that there is certainly a value of replay for the game, but I assume it will be perceived differently, based on the gamer types.

If you are a casual family-type gamer like me, I think you will be okay with those replays. Advanced gamers will probably have some less replay value out of the base game. More experienced players mention that the replay is quite limited, given the simplicity of the game & action/monsters variety. They also mention that the expansions bring a lot more replay value, making it a very addictive game.

Here are the available Munchkin Dungeon expansions:

Board Silly Expansion – contains new monsters & a new final “Meeple boss”. Introduces new loot that is collectible in sets, providing you additional bonuses at the end of the game.

Cthulhu Expansion – I guess no comments are needed for this one. Get ready to go on a little journey of madness.

Cute as a Button Expansion – A weird & funny expansion with not only new monsters & threats but also a cuteness factor. Who will become the cutest Munchkin?!

Munchkin Dungeon (Advanced Dangers & Dungeons Kickstarter Pledge) – here is a combination of the base game, the expansion “Side Quest” and the Munchkin Dungeon Box of Holding (Kickstarter Exclusive).

What about the game price?

Frankly, there are some comments about a feel of overproduction. Those huge minis are beautiful, but not all of them are mandatory for the gameplay. For example, you could simply move the boss cards on those rare occasions when the boss moves.

All in all, if you are looking for a budget game, this is not it. This is a visually stunning game, that costs quite a fortune, naturally due to the higher cost of production. I would evaluate the price vs what you get ratio as decent. Of course, this could have been cheaper. But that would also mean less appealing aesthetics and potentially decrease in immersion during gameplay.

So again, it more depends on is this a game that fits your and your group’s taste or not. You can check the price at the end of the review page. Here is a preview video of the Munchkin Dungeon board game.

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