Our review system

I do 2 types of board game reviews

  1. Detailed board game reviews. This includes games that I have played myself. The reviews are comprehensive, unbiased, and reflect my true, reasoned opinion about a board game. I do not accept any fees from publishers in relation to reviews’ implementation. However, I am always accepting a board game, if you want me to review it.
  2. Quick board game reviews. Since I cannot hope to purchase/own every single game I want to review, some board games are reviewed based on my personal research. Such reviews are shorter, precise, and again, reflect my own honest opinion & impression. I aim to update such reviews to detailed board game reviews as soon as I get my hands and actually play the game.

Review system explanation

Board games, as well as many other types of entertainment, such as movies, are quite difficult to evaluate, as they are sensitive to opinions, preferences, tastes, criteria, and other differences between people. For such reasons, I review board games using my own unique review system, The system is rather simplistic yet effective. There are 4 main factors I look at:

  • Fun
  • Replay value
  • Art & parts
  • Price

Every factor is evaluated on a 0-10 point scale. I do not tend to be really stingy with my numbers. The most of the board games are rated 6 and above, probably because I tend to look for good board games, and skip the ones that seem to be worse. On the other hand, I believe there is no higher rating assigned than 9 (at least so far), it is probably because I want to keep some free space in case I encounter even greater games.


In this review part, I aim to evaluate board games based on such factors as players’ involvement, emotions and impressions, level of conflict, character/sides balance, new player friendliness, downtime, relative length, and more. This score provides You a general indication of how funny & interesting is the game.

Replay value

Great games will make you think about them, crave them, and stimulate you to fire up for those game nights. Here I focus on details that affect the repeat gameplay experience. Starting from general player willingness to replay the game, strategic, tactical, action, mechanics variability to relative game difficulty, complexity comparisons.


The third part of a review covers my impression of game parts & looks. From details about the quality of game components to a general impression about how the game looks and how well art, story, etc. immerses players into the game.

In addition to that, in this section, I also provide a short colorblindness review with the colorblindness rating to help players with color deficiency find what games to play.

Colorblindness rating scale:
Very Good (A)
Playable (B)
Difficult to play (C)
Not recommended (F)


Finally, I look at the price vs what you get ratio. Here I simply tell my opinion if the game is worth the money it costs, based on the quantity and quality of components or and similar board games’ pricing.

That shortly indicates how I review board games. Should you have any questions, requests, or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

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