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Shitty day? This will lift your mood :)

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Release Date
April 18, 2016
Party, adults, card game
20-60 min.
AdMagic Games
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Good shit

Are you ready to dive into the world of shitty stuff? Lots of bad events. Events that you would not normally think of. Funny, dark, dirty, and stressful events that will make you immerse & feel them.

Lots of intense reactions, such as “Ewww”, or “Damn”, or “Oh” or “Redface”, or “You know I would actually want that, TO YOU!”


Shit Happens (2016) – a party, card game for 2-8+ players aged 18+.
An experience you are not going to forget, even if you play it once (disclaimer: minimal age – 18 years old).

Feel free to scan through the review or just scroll to the review summary to see the rating details & main information about the Shit Happens card game review.

But certainly playable more than that. Also, you should probably avoid playing it with your parents, or your colleagues that you met last week. For all the rest cases – this is a massive experience of awesomeness.

Shit happens has 200 event cards, where all of them are ranked from 0 to 100. The higher the score of the card, the worse the event. Each player starts the game with 3 cards in possession, trying to collect 10 cards to win the game.

A player from your right draws a card and reads its description (out loud), while not disclosing the misery index number to anyone else. You try to guess what interval the card belongs to, based on cards in your possession.

For example, you got 3 cards with scores 12; 24 and 86.5 – so you can guess the following intervals :<12; 12<24; 24<86.5 and 86.5>.)

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Certainly fun, it can even get too fun. Very simple game, with almost no rules to learn, a beginner-friendly party game that fits great with variable player count. With expansion Little Shits, even 20 player gameplay is possible! I personally tried 9 player gameplay, this was still smooth enough, even with the basic game edition.

I think we have described enough fun aspects in the introduction part above. We, therefore, should also cover some imperfections.

First of all, the game includes some inconvenient topics, such as sex & porn, so this is not really a go-to game for everyone. Plus, it certainly does not fit every party group.

Finally, rankings of some cards are not that well organized. As a result, some misery indexes just does not make sense and confuses the players.

What I really enjoy about the game, is that it basically eliminates the meaning of downtime. This is because players are having fun all the time, does not matter who draws the cards and makes guesses, this is still super funny.

Replay value

The replay value of the Shit Happens card game is decent enough. The reason for this is the number of cards and the variety in the nature of event cards. Different event cards are drawn, their combinations are basically guaranteed for a very large amount of replays since there are 200 cards.

Even then, it is super hard to remember those numbers, for players to obtain some gameplay advantages over new players. As a result, new players should not really worry about it. It could become a problem if you would be playing the game like a maniac!

Finally, let me address the fun itself over repeat gameplay. Once you go through most of the event cards a few times, this simply becomes a less fun game to play. This is due to the loss of that first excitement of finding a ridiculous event card that just makes you laugh hard. Without this, it is just not that crazy awesome.

Art & parts

As we previously mentioned, the only component of the game itself is cards. The quality of the cards is good, they are thick & strong enough, while the pictures are pretty fun. Cards sleeves are recommended to protect the game from wearing off too fast.

What I really liked, is that most pictures are indirectly related to the event description. That works as a great censoring approach and the cards look less offensive that way.

Shit happens colorblindness review

The pictures themselves are all yellow-colored, while the background is black. So we are glad to tell that the Shit Happens card game is bulletproof against colorblindness issues.

Colorblindness rating: A (Very good)


There is not much to tell, excel that I am pretty happy with the price of the Shit Happens card game. If there is a discount, then this is a steal! Mostly, the experience itself is like a voucher for your money. It is just a little bit more expensive than most of the card games. Maybe it could also include some additional components, such as some figures, or tokens that you can pass to almighty ShitLord.

Shit Happens card game review
Final remark
An absurd, miserably funny experience that you are not going to forget! I love coming back to this game, so do my game partners. BTW, I would not play it with my parents.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
Your rating8 Votes
Hilariously fun experience
Easy, quick to learn & get into
Keeps everyone involved
Playable even with 10+ people
Lacks replayability
Some event card scores does not make sense
Good shit

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