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Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game review

A wonderful Star Wars campaign journey

Star Wars Imperial Assault 2014 gamebox
Release Date
December 15, 2014
Thematic, strategy, role-play
60-120 min.
Fantasy Flight Games
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What happens after Death Star destruction? Star Wars: Rebellion will help you to cover that, with a little of your own, modified story version. Here, one player controls the empire troops and attacks rebel players. Speaking about rebel players, they control unique characters, collect items & implement missions, while collectively defending against the Imperial Player or a computer-simulated AI player.

This is a thematic re-implementation of the original DESCENT: JOURNEYS IN THE DARK board game. Also, this is a campaign-style game that can be finished through a number of game nights, so having a constant group of players is strongly recommended.

Star Wars Imperial Assault 2014 gamebox
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Starting with positives, this is a really well-made game with a strong Star Wars theme influence, original characters having their own unique abilities, and detailed storyline, which is reflected by quests and tasks that personally relate to every character of the game. In addition to that, the game can be played in a cooperative mode that is supported by the Imperial Assault Companion App, where players compete against AI Imperial Player.

The negative thing about this game is rather complicated rules, as well as lack of balance that has been indicated by players numerous times. Of course, it is an asymmetric type board game, such games are a lot harder to… balance. To make it as balanced as possible, you need to get it right with every detail of the rules, which will take time as there is a lot of reading to do.

But if you are a true Star Wars fan that is into a campaign, role-play games, Star Wars Imperial Assault board game is probably the best game for you.

Please note that so far I did not play the game, but I have researched the game extensively to give a proper review & rating scores. It is possible that the rating will change once I get my hands on it. But all in all, this is definitely on my wish-list.

Here is a super fun game-guide video down below!

Star Wars: Imperial Assault board game review
Final remark
A great, exploration, campaign-based game that is super recommended to experienced gamers & Star Wars fans. Better do not plan anything else this afternoon, some long-play is expected.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
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One of the best Star Wars exploration games
2 modes: PVP & Coop.
Vast replay value
Super fun if you perfect the game rules
Very neat, complicated rules
Gameplay balance issues

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