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Release Date
November 27, 2014
Strategy, Fantansy, Role-play
120 min.
Fantasy Flight Games
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Waiting for the Witcher season 2? Good. This is what you should do while waiting. Play the Witcher adventure game. In our opinion, this is a strongly underrated board game. It has its flaws, as well as positives, which we will cover down below, but for the fans of the Witcher, this is a board game that is worth your try.


The Witcher adventure board game is a strategy thematic board game, released in 2014 by Fantasy Flight for 2 to 4 players with an average playtime of a few hours. Choose one of the 4 characters – Gerald of Rivia, monster slayer, Triss Merigold – cunning sorceress, Yarpen Zigrin – dwarfen warrior, and Dandelion – a roguish bard. Travel through the world of the Witcher known from the Witcher books and video games, carry out quests and missions, collect gold, unique artifacts and, of course, slay monsters! This is a competitive board game where players aim to score the highest amount of Victory Points.

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As always, the review will be covered in the following structure:

  1. Fun
  2. Replay value
  3. Art & parts
  4. Game price

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Lets get on with the review 🙂


I got to admit, playing this game feels pretty cool. There are a whole bunch of different quests, beautiful character boards, wonderful game board, and friendly competition, race – who will be the first to finish 3 quests to win the game. The game is not-toxic, you cannot really harm, damage your opponents, and so it is super recommended for players who prefer board games with less focus on conflict. The interactions are therefore minimal as well. You can trade clues, negotiate, stuff like that, pretty basic.

Character differences are great! I really love it. They not only look different… More below the image.

The Witcher adventure game (2014) – characters.
Source: The Official rulebook of the Witcher adventure game

Dandelion is literally a creepy follower bard that keeps singing behind your back and collecting Victory Points based on your Victories. Also, there is the dwarf, Yarpen Zigrin, who has quiet some muscle, fancy and expensive dwarf-made killing equipment and surprisingly well-developed networking skills, who will summon his fellow dwarfs to help him out in fulfilling his deeds…or desires 😀

Moreover, Triss Merigold, the sorceress, will charm her way into literally anything. Obtaining gold, teleportation, spell bursts that kill, avoiding obstacles, and looking sexy while doing it!

And finally, there is Gerald of Rivia, the Witcher, the protector of the innocent, the white wolf, fellow of humans, monster hunter, emotionless mutant created by magic, who, by the way, uses his own magical potions! Just toss a coin and pour some ale to your Witcher!!!

However, the character variability also brings the main disadvantage of The Witcher adventure board game – which is character imbalances. Dandelion is literally useless in a 2 player game, as he needs a higher number of players to gain more Victory Points, while the Dwarf is super, super strong early game. He advances ahead of everyone so fast that it is often very difficult to catch up to him.

And the mage – she is so much all around based, that there is really no field, type of activity where she is the best – so she usually finishes the game in 3rd, 2nd positions.

Similar imbalances with the Whitcher as well – in the early game he is rather weak until he brews enough of his potions – which he must do, patiently sitting for 60 percent of the game. Then – god help the rest players. He will race across the Victory Points track so fast your eyesight won’t be able to keep up, or the opposite, he will be a useless mutant with no money and no reputation, who occasionally kills monsters that no one cares about.

But once you start to understand these differences between heroes, you can adjust your game strategy to get yourself more chances to win the game.

Replay value

Speaking about art and components, this part of the rating is often the savior of thematic, fantasy type board games. In this case, the game is not an outlier. Art & parts are indeed great. Just look at that huge colorful, great looking board, detailed character art, qualitative card decks that are rich in both, story and illustrations, plus a bunch of different tokens and coins that you simply enjoy throwing around.

Moreover, the miniature character figures are not painted. Depending on your preferences, this could be both a pro and a con, but we view it as a positive factor, as you can paint them! The only thing about them that is not so great, they feel a bit fragile, and could be larger, it is quite hard to paint them properly, but if you are skilled – go on with it!

The Witcher colorblindness review

Moving forward, let us take a look at how the Witcher adventure board game is adopted for colorblind players. Below, we provide a few component’s photos with all types of colorblindness condition simulated views.

The Witcher adventure game colorblindness review 100% color deficiency
The Witcher adventure game colorblindness review: 100% color deficiency view
The Witcher adventure game colorblindness review: 50% color deficiency view

Please note the first photo represent the maximum (100%) colorblindness in relation to 4 specific types of color vision deficiency, while the second photo – 50 percent of the maximum extent. To sum up, most of the components can still be distinct even under the maximum color deficiency. But there are TWO components that impose clear inconveniences, or even difficulties.

The first is Quest cards – particularly Blue and Purple colors is difficult to distinct (Magic & Diplomacy). Even under 50% of color deficiency, their backs look almost exactly the same color for Protanope & Deuteranope colorblindness. This is just more of an inconvenience, as when you flip the card face up, you can immediately see if it is a magic or Diplomacy quest card.

Another components’ color issue is region colors on the board are unclear. Blue and Purple region cities are very much alike – both regions look like blue for Protanope & Deuteranope cases. Moreover, these are not the only regions that lack color distinction – Yellow and light green regions are also very similar in Protanope & Deuteranope cases. This is not a mere inconvenience. The official rulebook and its summary are not listing all the cities by region, which might become a problem if there is no player at the table without any colorblindness.

As a result, we would be willing to provide a rating of C (Difficult to play) in terms of colorblindness. BUT – this is our small favor to you guys – the list of cities by region colors – down below – so that this problem would be solved!

Final colorblindness rating: B (Playable)


Finally, the price and what you get ratio deserves some comments as well. Back in the days, the game used to cost cheaper than now (due to fluctuations we are not disclosing the current price in the text). Unfortunately, Fantasy Flight has closed the production of the game already, so the prices skyrocketed, and there are very few places where the game is still available. You can check our links in the review summary of top of the page, to check if there are any copies currently available.

In case you do no find any place to buy it, then you can try the Witcher board game on steam (online game) which is a cheaper alternative. Of course, the experience is not the same, but the game had many updates in comparison to its original edition. There are Solo and Co-op modes available, and you can play it online.

The Witcher Adventure game review
Final remark
Pretty fun game, which fits casual & more serious game groups. A mix of strategy & luck, has some negative points, but overall - pretty good board game. We honestly think that the game is undervalued. Plus, the theme itself is really entertaining.
Replay Value
Art & Parts
Your rating2 Votes
Great theme implementation
A strong feel of tension for your character’s life!
Pretty decent chance & strategy balance
Endless collection of tokens to complete quests
Noticeable character imbalances
No official solo/coop modes
Valley of plenty

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